The HRT Handgun Mount system is available in two configurations:

1. HRT Handgun Mount, Complete System
- includes medium size nylon holster which fits most medium framed revolvers or pistols
- has a magazine/flashlight pouch
- includes all mounting brackets and hardware  (Click to see Diagram)
- MSRP $74.99

$ 65.00 + Shipping**

2. HRT Handgun Mount system (no holster*)
- includes all mounting brackets and hardware (Click to see Diagram)
- MSRP $64.99

$ 55.00 + Shipping**

*  Most Nylon holsters can be easily attached to HRT  holster bracket.
Some leather holsters also can be  attached to this system.

**Shipping 14.00 to Continental USA for each system

.  International Shipping rates on request.


The HRT Handgun Mounting system was not designed to leave firearms unattended regardless of it's mounting location. This product was not designed to promote violence or encourage the use of force against any other person(s). Since the use of firearms is inherently dangerous, you should be fully aware of the risks and hazards with carrying and transporting firearms. Remember to check the laws in your state regarding transporting firearms. Maintain control of your firearms at all times and remember to keep them away from minors.
The purchaser of this product agrees to release F.T.A.- Firearms Inc. and it's officers of liability from damage to property, or the injury to person or persons or death caused from passive or active misuse or negligence while using firearms or this system.